*Prices are per space. Bundle three or more spaces for a custom "package" price. ** Smaller spaces such as powder rooms, foyers, laundry rooms, etc will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Living Life Artfully: DIY DESIGN PLAN

What is the DIY Design Package?

We love DIY’ers,….. people who enjoy the same excitement as we do as they research, plan and execute their design projects. Having a bit of our professional support on your design journey will provide the confidence you want to ensure you utilize your time and money wisely. Whether it’s furnishing a small space, updating a bedroom or living room, renovating your kitchen or bath, freshening and accessorizing or making the best selections of tile, countertops, cabinets, fixtures or such for your project, we are here to assist.

We will provide your conceptual plan that will be your guide to create your beautiful and functional living space, while answering all of your questions. A lighter version of the Luxury Design Package, you will have the core foundational elements that you will need to create your vision, exclusive of the final accessories and styling.

Design and finish your DIY Project with confidence, knowing you have the support of LLA’s design team.

Is DIY Design Right for Me?

  • • I need furniture and want to make sure I buy the right size and style for my space.
  • • I'm 90% done with my space, but I just need a plan for the finishing touches.
  • • I am going to build or construct something myself and I'd like to make sure I'm going about it right before I start.
  • • I want to refinish something I own and I need advice.
  • • I've been working on this project for a while and I just want my space done.
  • • I don't have a design bone in my body and I need help.
  • • I'm not great at making decisions and prefer someone to tell me what to do and what to buy.
  • • I have time to shop and source furnishings and decor on my own.
  • • I love the LLA style, I just need a simple plan to follow in my home.

If you answered "yes" a few of the questions above, DIY Design is a great fit for you!

What you get with our Basic DIY Design Package

  • • Accurate Measurements of the Space
  • • Detailed Floor Plan to Scale
  • • Custom Color Story for the Space
  • • Basic Lighting and Accessory Concept
  • • DIY Design Plan Conceptual Rendering
  • • Detailed Design Plan Specifications
  • • Comprehensive Budget Estimate
  • • Local Resource List

If you get your DIY Design Package and decide you would like to handle things further, just ask about our DIY Buying Services

Our DIY Design Process:

1. After having a "Discovery Call" and "Initial Consultation" with us, you can purchase and enter into our DIY Process where we will partner with you to create a plan for your DIY Project. We will schedule a "Pre-Design"meeting to learn about your design style, your space function and needs, to confirm the budget and to formally measure your space. We learn what your vision is of your space. Due to the nature of this package, it is highly recommended that all adult parties involved in the project are present during this meeting

2. When our team has all the information we need, we will create a plan with you on how to approach the project. Depending on the complexity of the project, it usually takes 3-4 weeks to pull together the perfect DIY Plan for you. The LLA team will diligently work on your behalf reviewing your specifications, style ideas, design goals and discuss any foreseeable obstacles we will face so that we can fully encompass the scope of the job in as much detail as possible.

3. When our DIY Design is complete, we will notify you via email and ship your detailed DIY Design to you in the mail (if applicable). We'll include as much detail as possible so that we can pass the design baton to you to execute the furniture purchasing, installation, project management and styling of the space.

4. After we've presented your design, you'll have the ability to follow-up with us over one email to answer any questions you have about your Design Plan. We will also make one revision to our floor plan and rendering(s) if you wish to see something laid out differently (if applicable).

Our straightforward DIY Design process will provide you the detailed vision and framework to create the dream space you've always.

What do these design terms mean?

Accurate Measurements: Accurate measurements of your space taken by our design team. (If this package is purchased remotely, we may ask that you provide measurements for us.)

Floor Plan to Scale: We will determine the best and most functional Floor Plan, designed by our team of experienced designers who know and understand the way you you want to live in your space (two options maximum).

Custom Color Story: A Color Story (or palette) for your space, using our 60-30-10 rule. We'll tell you how much of specific colors or tones you should use to create a cohesive look and feel.

Basic Lighting and Accessory Concept: We'll include light lighting/accessory/styling elements in your rendering, so you can see the direction we see your space going.

Conceptual Renderings: A visual representation of the space pulled together in a cohesive design including the floor plan, furnishings, colors, and light styling We will provide a maximum of two conceptual renderings per project.

Design Plan Specifications: We'll share detailed descriptions of the furnishings we'd like you to source for the space including measurements, fabric options, arm style, cushion options, etc. If you'd like to purchase with us, ask us about the "DIY with the Option to Buy" service we offer with a $5k minimum order.

Comprehensive Budget: We will pull together and break down all costs associated with the level of design we are presenting you.

Local Resource List: If you need a resource to execute part of our design plan, we'll connect you with that individual or business so you don't have to find for someone on your own.

DIY Design Bundle: Our team will bundle up an actual tangible package that we will mail or deliver to you when your DIY Design Plan is complete. We do this because we want you to experience "reveal" of the design while in your own home. We will also send you a digital copy upon receipt of the mailed bundle.

Please reach out to us if you need clarity or have any additional questions about our DIY Design Package.